March Spring Gifts !

We all have been waiting so eagerly for spring to arrive that it is almost like Christmas just warmer! So why not pass around some gifts to your loved ones in March to share the spirit of spring! Here is a list from Hollie a new friend, who has this amazing home decor blog called She has some great gift ideas for March! Also check her  Polka Dot linen pillow !


Celebrating Mac's 30 yrs with my New MacBook Pro

Finally my MacBook Pro arrives to fuel my creative urges! I am so excited and had so much fun to opening my goodie bag. I had so on many things to do on my list and was just waiting for this smart baby to be on my lap! A Designer knows that Mac is quintessential for all his/her design projects. You can read the article by Marc Nutter on Smashing magazine stating 5 reasons why Designers and Developers are switching to MAC.

And I also learned that this year Apple is celebrating it's 30 years anniversary of Mac innovation ! On January 24 1984 Apple introduced MAC .  It was my way of thanking Steve Jobs for his futuristic and genius contribution to Innovative Technology. 

Explore 30 years of innovation on the Mac

"Thirty years ago, Apple introduced the Macintosh with the promise to put the creative power of technology in everyone’s hands. It launched a generation of innovators who continue to change the world. This 30‑year timeline celebrates some of those pioneers and the profound impact they’ve made."


Wishing everyone a day full of love, pass on the love !  Sometime it's nice to wish love to a stranger, I believe that way we help the universe to expand love & trust on our beautiful planet! Hope you guys have a wonderful day, celebrate your love...

Retro Poster

Giclee print, Retro TV poster inspired by Mid century Modern design. The vintage style for modern times! 
-Printed on high-quality 100% cotton fiber, acid and lignin-free natural white paper
-True archival quality 190g/m2 Medium Weight Bright White Satine finish. 
-Brighter highlights and bold colors for maximum impact, high-contrast. 
-A luxurious, smooth bright white 100% cotton rag paper. 

you can find this item here
to get more inspired by 1950's era check out section

Want to make some mid century modern decor items yourself? I found a DIY project on Enjoy it!

T.V my love!

How much do we all love watching TV :) ! TV has become a family member in our modern times. We have less time to socialize or are too distracted to have any heartfelt conversations with anyone :) but for the sake of drama in our lives we look up to our beloved TV. 
TV is so unconditional, it will entertain us no matter what! and we can control it as much as we want and it wont say a thing :) . It is an outlet to our deep emotions, just so that we can feel more human in this techy world! And when we feel a little lost  and you seek some guidance, as our grandma is there to give us all the guidance we need to watch what we want! 

So for the love of watching television, I created a Valentine poster titled 
enjoy this one!